COMPRESSPORT®, how does it work?

From beginners to professionals, not forgetting experienced amateurs, compression helps you on many levels, during and after exercise. Compression will help athletes:

  • boost their performances
  • delay fatigue during the effort
  • avoid muscle tears and injuries
  • maximise and fasten their recovery between sessions

During the Effort?

During exercise, COMPRESSPORT® technical weave is used primarily to enhance your performance and to avoid muscle tears.

Compression provides an acceleration of the venous return from the feet to the heart. This considerably reduces the build up of toxins in the legs and more particularly during long efforts.  Muscles therefore benefit from improved oxygenation delaying or even eliminating the appearance of cramps and injuries thereby facilitating recovery during effort. All this will allow for longer, high impact training sessions with less fatigue and quicker recovery.

The COMPRESSPORT® medical graded fibre is designed to reduce shock waves and vibrations generated when running on hard ground and thereby preventing tearing of muscle fibres and joint pains.This gives rise to efficiency against aches, contractures, micro tears delayingmuscle fatigue and the risk of injury.To quote one our athlete, wearing Compressport gives a « a feeling of strength, rigidity and support of muscles during the effort »

A better recovery

After an effort, the COMPRESSPORT fibre continues to apply its actions of venous return acceleration, elimination of toxins produced during effort and support to the muscle. Muscle pain is reduced and legs are lighter.Recovery is quicker and backing up sessions after sessions is made easier. 

Compressport ist in vielen Variationen erhältlich. Ich berate Sie gerne.

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